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Why Choose Us?

Chears Hearing & Hearbles is a private owned local retail store to support those who need hearing support.  The store supports the patients of Chears Audiology as well as those across the United States who need supplies for their hearing health care needs.  We love to help and are here for you.  Thank you for supporting a woman owned business! 

Always great after the sale service. They work hard to give you the best you can afford

Jeff R.
A long time Happy Patient
Wonderful service and friendly people. Chears has the best service as I can hear better after my hearing test. We discussed my using a neck loop and a device to help me hear TV. Kim never tried to sell me new products. She helped me to use my hearing aids better. I will be back next spring for ear molds. What a great experience.
Roger K.
A Happy Hearing Customer

Like you I barely need hearing aids. It's not because I am old or broken in any way. It's because everyone who is important to me talks at a pitch I don't hear very well. Kim understands our situations. Like me she will help you find aids that aren't just the coolest but the ones that work best. When you visit expect to have fun because the entire crew is all about the joy of hearing. And don't forget there is ample parking in the lot next door (which means it easier to visit than

Ben O.
Happily Hearing and Enjoying Conversations

About Us

Kim E. Fishman

Audiologist and Owner

Located in a fashionable area of Minneapolis on Eat Street, Chears Hearing & Hearables was opened in 2016.  The mission of Chears Hearing & Hearables is to help people find the best hearing support they can if not in the store, online as well.   Kim Fishman, owner, has been an audiologist for 20 plus years and it is her passion to help all.  All are welcome here.  


Welcome to Chears Hearing & Hearables.  This is a retail store that supports the patients at Chears Audiology in Minneapolis.  Also it is open for people to walk in and shop some hearing products.  We are happy to have you. 


2639 Nicollet Ave S.


Tuesday - Friday

9 am - 5 pm


10 am - 2 pm

Sunday and Monday